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EMUL68K errors on the palm when open GRS Menu


Question: How do I fix an EMUL68K error when I select the GRS menu on the Palm?

Answer: After researching the internet I found an article on the palmone KB website. It basically said that if you get the EMUL68K error it is caused by older palm OS applications that are incompatible with newer handhelds! It also said that your palm is in a state now that needs to be corrected. To do this you must perfom a system (warm) reset. To do a warm reset you must hold the UP button on the palm, then poke the reset button on the back of the device while still holding the UP button, until the palm computing screen appears, then relase the UP button. Then do a soft reset! This should correct the state that your palm is in to normal. So I had the user first do a hard reset and wipe the palm clean. Then we deleted the palm user name in palm desktop for this palm and then added it back. We then setup the device as a new device in oasispalm sync and synced all the software back on to the palm. This time the palm worked as designed, no errors! issue resolved.

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