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Care Portal™ - April 2006 Updates

Dear Care Portal Clients,

There is an update available for Care Portal™.  Below you will find a list of the projects describing the new features and corrections included in this release.  Please contact our Support & Solution Center to schedule an appointment to have the update installed on your server at or (800) 408-5503 ext 2.

We would also like to take this opportunity to update you on the Support process. In order for us to better serve your support needs in a timely, accountable manner, we recommend that you use our "Online Help Desk" to report problems and/or submit questions you have about the software.  This approach allows us to respond quicker and track each issue through to their resolution.  It also allows us to escalate issues, as needed, to our development team.

The "Online Help Desk" also allows you access to the "Care Portal Knowledgebase" for issues that have been resolved or questions about the use of Care Portal™.  This will be very useful for you as a user, to logon and get answers to questions you might have about Care Portal™. The "Knowledgebase" is updated regularly as new questions and issues become available.

Thank you for continued support in Golden Rule Software, Inc. and Care Portal™.

Please click 'Preview Attachment' link at the right to view the release contents.

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