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Adding an addendum to a visit note or an assessment can be done on the palm devices or the PC software.  On the PC, select the "Addenda" button at the bottom of the screen of an existing assessment.  If there are any addenda, an asterisk will be displayed in front of the word Addenda.  Select the "Addenda" button to review, edit, or create an addendum for this assessment.  

The addenda feature allows the user to add assessment or treatment questions to the assessment that were not included in the assessment.  An example would be an addendum for patients with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).  The user could create an addendum with questions or a treatment path with CHF properties in it that could also be used for other CHF patients.  When a new addendum is added, the date and time will be stamped on it and, if previously created, a pre-defined addendum may be chosen.  To create a brand new addendum, select the "Edit Visit Type" button.  Then create the new type and select the "Create New Addenda" button. 

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