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Care Portal - Change Signing MD on POT / 485

ISSUE: I am trying to change a physician on a 485. The incorrect physician keeps showing up in box 24. I thought I had the correct physician in but apparently I didn't. The only place I can think I might have the wrong dr. in is M0072, however the oasis has already been transmitted so I am not sure how to get back in and change it.

RESOLUTION: you can change the physician without having to open the OASIS asmt -- you'll first need to assign the correct physician to the patient in CLINICAL - Patient Profile - Physicians menu option -- then, simply go to OASIS/POT/Suppl Order link, highlight row that contains the 485 you want to change the MD for and click the 'Clinical Traqcking' link at the bottom of the screen -- once the tracking screen displays, you'll see a field called 'Signing Physician', just click the arrow to display a drop-down of MDs assigned to the patient, select the correct MD and click the [Back] button at bottom of screen -- now when you print the 485, the newly selected MD info will print on the 485

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