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Invalid Signatures Folder

Error: Invalid signatures folder. Please ensure that the Palm Software has been installed from the CD and that the Signature folder in Preferences is either blank or a valid folder.  This error message indicates a problem with the Inkview conduit and/or the signatures folder.

Possible fixes:

A1) Open the preferences program.

A2) Verify that signatures folder is blank or is a valid path on the current workstation.

A3) If it's not valid, map this workstation to the appropriate path.

A4) Open OasisPalm sync program and sync.


B1) Click on the Hotsync manager and select custom.

B2) Look for Inkview under conduits.

B3) If you don't find it, re-install the PDA software from your install CD.

B4) Open OasisPalm sync program and sync.


C1) Run regedit

C2) Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\U.S. Robotics\Pilot      Desktop\ApplicationInkview

C3) Check File0 element, it should have a valid path like     V:\CCVA\signatrs\

C4) The trailing "\" is critical.

C5) Open OasisPalm sync program and sync.

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