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What is a 485 Pre-Create? How do I enter a 485 Pre-Create?

Question 1:  What is a 485 Pre-Create?

A 485 Pre-Create assessment allows you to answer only the 485 questions prior to completion of the full assessment.  To correctly navigate thru the 485 questions you must use the "Next" button within the assessment. 

Question 2:  How do I enter a 485 Pre-Create?

To create a 485 Pre-Create assessment for a patient, click the "New Assessment" button and choose the Reason For Assessment (RFA) number for M0100.  Next, check the 485 Pre-create checkbox in the upper right section of the M0100 tab. 

Using the "Next" button, navigate through the assessment, answering only the 485 questions.  To print the 485 Pre-create, click the Print Assessment Forms button, click the Deselect All button (to uncheck all the assessment pages), select only the 485 Plan of Care option and then click the Print Forms button.   

To return to the Pre-create assessment and complete all other questions, click the Edit Assessment button, uncheck the 485 Pre-create checkbox at the M0100 tab and click the Next button to navigate thru the assessment, answering all other questions. 

NOTE:  In the assessment grid on the Existing Assessments tab, a 485 Pre-create assessment displays a "P" in the last column of the assessment grid.

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