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Software Upgrade Issue when interfacing with third party vendor

Problem: User upgraded to Version 204 from 202; after the upgrade they interfaced with third party vendor (imported data to GRS).  The following error message is displayed:

Error on input bills, :MSA_code=Olyphant (fyi:City) not a Medicare patient, it is commercial insurance and does not have an MSA Code. The other has no insurance (preadmit) pid#3011188 and 3011200.


Explanation: After the first name, there should be two fields (mid init and suffix) before the address begins.

The first two lines imported from the third party vendor were in the old software format (the interface produces a file of all data imported).  Once the first two lines are removed,  the system will import with no problems.  You can make a small change to Matticks and the data will come over fresh with the new format. 


The MSA_code-cityname is an example of the old/new layout problems.

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