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Summary of OASIS Data Set Changes Version 1.40 / SQLGOLD 205

Summary of OASIS Data Set Changes (Version 1.40) / SQLGOLD 205

1. Deletions

The following items will be deleted from the OASIS instrument for all time points:

M0160 Financial Factors

M0310 Structural Barriers

M0320 Safety Hazards

M0330 Sanitation Hazards

M0600 Patient Behaviors


2. New OASIS Item (M0245)

There will be one new OASIS item added to the OASIS data set to facilitate compliance with the

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This item will be identified as

item M0245 and will be activated in October 2003. The new M0245 will allow HHAs to use V-

codes at the existing M0230/M0240 items as part of the assignment of the appropriate diagnosis

code using the ICD-9-CM coding process.


3. Patient Tracking Sheet

The following items will be removed from the OASIS instrument and placed on a Patient

Tracking Sheet. These items will be collected and submitted at the start of care assessment and

only updated when an item changes. This tracking sheet will be a part of the patient s clinical


Tracking Sheet Complete at SOC..Update only as necessary.

M0010 Medicare Provider Number

M0012 Medicaid Provider Number

M0014 Branch State

M0016 Branch ID number

M0020 Patient ID

M0030 SOC date

M0032 ROC date

M0040 Patient Name

M0050 Patient State of Residence

M0060 Patient Zip Code

M0063 Medicare Number

M0064 Social Security Number

M0065 Medicaid Number

M0066 Birth date

M0069 Gender

M0072 Primary Referring Physician ID

M0140 Race

M0150 Current Payment Source


4. Assessments Deleted

The following 2 assessments will no longer be required to be submitted to the state agency:

RFA 2 Start of care with no further visits planned

RFA 10 Discharge no further visits after the start of care


5. Revised OASIS

The revised OASIS data set includes all current OASIS B-1 items minus the items on the

Tracking Sheet and the items that have been deleted.


6. Reduced OASIS Collection at Recertification/Follow-up

The OASIS data set used at Reason for Assessment (RFA)4 and RFA 5, i.e., follow-up and

other follow-up, has been substantially reduced.For RFA 4 or 5 assessment conducted on or

after December 16, 2002, HHAs will be required to collect only those 23 items currently used to

generate a payment group for a patient s subsequent episode of care plus the discipline of the

person completing the assessment (M0080)and the date the assessment was completed (M0090).


7. Language to be added to the Follow-up and Other Follow-up Assessments Only

As a result of the changes proposed to the OASIS data set, it is necessary to add some new

language to appropriately direct clinicians through certain skip patterns in order to complete all

the necessary items on the revised assessments.The following language will be added to the

revised OASIS data set:

M0460 "Skip this item if patient has no pressure ulcers"

M0476 "Skip this item if patient has no stasis ulcers"

M0488 "Skip this item if patient has no surgical wounds"

M0530 "Skip this item if patient has no urinary incontinence or urinary catheter presence"

Extracted from Department of Health & Human Services August 8, 2002 Memo (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services  Ref: S&C-02-41

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