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Reduced OASIS Collection at Recertification/Follow-up - OASIS Data Specs Version 1.40 / SQLGOLD 205

OASIS Data Specifications Version 1.40 / SQLGOLD 205

Reduced OASIS Collection at Recertification/Follow-up

The OASIS data set used at Reason for Assessment (RFA)4 and RFA 5, i.e., follow-up and other follow-up, has been substantially reduced.  For RFA 4 or 5 assessment conducted on or after December 16, 2002, HHAs will be required to collect only those 23 items currently used to generate a payment group for a patientís subsequent episode of care plus the discipline of the person completing the assessment (M0080) and the date the assessment was completed (M0090).

Extracted from Department of Health & Human Services August 8, 2002 Memo (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services  Ref: S&C-02-41


Keywords: Reduced OASIS, Recertification/Follow-up, Reduced Burden, OASIS Data Specs Version 1.40, SQLGOLD 205
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