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Version 205 Installation/Process E - Palm Error: Not Enough Memory

Version 205 Installation/Process E (Un-shelling of GRSMenu) Not Enough Memory Error

Problem:  During Process E (Un-shelling of GRSMenu) I received a "not enough memory" error on my pda.

Resolution: Follow the steps below to resolve the memory error on the pda:

1. From SQLGOLD\PDA\Master5 folder, install Filez.prc to the pda.  The Filez icon will display on the pda "All" screen.

2. Tap the Filez icon and choose the "View and Edit Files" option.

3. Locate and Delete EGRS10000$OASIS and EGRS10000$OASIS2.  (To delete a file, select it, click Details, then the Delete option.)

4. Perform a "Soft Reset" on the pda.

5. Tap the GRSMenu icon and wait for the Nutshell Installer to finish installation.

6. In OasisPalm Sync, check the "Update PDA Software" option and sync the pda.



Keywords: Version 205, Process E, (Un-shelling of GRSMenu), Not Enough Memory
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