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Where can I find the "Down" folder containing the Palm files for a device?

This folder contains all the files necessary for diagnosing problems that occur on some Palms and not others.  To obtain these files when requested, perform a full sync, checking all sync options except Meds, ICD9, Recovery and Diagnostics.  Then navigate to the following folder:

1) For Windows 98:  C:\Windows\Temp\[Device Name]\Down

2) For 2000/NT/XP:  C:\Documents and Settings\[login user]\Local Settings\Temp\[Device Name]\Down   (If you are unable to find this folder, try going into Windows Exploring, choose 'Tools - Folder Options' from the menu, click on the 'View' tab, then check the 'Display the contents of system folders' option, then click 'apply to all folders', then go out of Windows Exploring, then try to find the folder again.)

To provide these files to support, zip up the contents of the "Down" folder and e-mail the zip file to the requested e-mail address.

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