Knowledge Base Article #208:

How much memory does my PDA have left?

How can I find out how much free memory my device has.

1) Tap the HOME button until you have left Golden Rule Software.

2) Keep Tapping HOME until you are on the regular icons screen.  In the upper right hand corner you should see the word "ALL".

3) Now, tap the button just below the HOME button.   This will open a drop down list on the screen.

4) Tap on the "Info" option.

5) Wait for the screen to be built.

6) At the top look for "Free Memory: nnnn of xxxx".

The number nnnn is your available memory.  The number xxxx is the device's total memory.  If available is less than 1000k (1 mb) you are getting low on memory.  If it is less than 100k (.1mb), you are critically low on memory and continued use of this PDA is dangerous.  Please contact support about increasing free memory.

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