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ExportOasisData() Line #0 ERR #75: Path/File access error

Problem: The GRS STAT interface does not run properly when running GRS to CC. The program crashes and the error "ExportOasisData() Line #0 ERR #75: Path/File access error" appears in the GRS STAT Interface report.

Reason: When running the GRS STAT Interface, this error can occur when permissions are incorrectly set on the Automode folder. This problem can occur even when Automode is set to NOT AVAILABLE in the NRFace.ini. The reason is that the interface attempts to create a temporary file in the Automode folder and the user running the interface does not have write permission to the folder.

Solution: Giving the User or Group Modify permission to the folder should clear up the error.

Keywords: ExportOasisData(), ERR #75: Path/File access error, STAT Interface, Automode, Automode Disabled, File Permissions
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