Knowledge Base Article #258:

Error in HIPPS code at validation

When validating an assessment an error is returned that states:

"Hipps_Code: Clinical domain has invalid data".

Please check your primary(M0230) and or your secondary (M0240) ICD9 codes to make sure you are not using a code that is a secondary code in the primary field or that you have primary only code in the secondary field.

Below is a link to a PDF file for a listing of primary only and secondary only ICD9 codes that effect HIPPS outcomes and would cause a validation error. This PDF is 14 pages in length.

Note: Another cause of this error is if you have a V Code with a lower case v.  Example: Diagnosis code v01.5 should be V01.5.  If the code has a lowercase v, correct it and re-validate the assessment. 


Keywords: primary icd9 codes, secondary icd9 codes, HIPPS_Code error validation, Clinical domain has invalid data
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