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How do I move an assessment or pre-create into production?

Problem:  I have a pre-create assessment (or regular) that I don't want to see any more.  How can I move it into production status without validating and transmitting?

Resolution Steps:

1)       On the asmnt grid of OasisGold, right click on the status of the asmnt in question.  Each right click will change the status to the next value in the list. 

2)       Keep going until you reach “Manual Validation Password”.  Here you should click on Cancel and then OK.

3)       One more right click and you see the “Move to Production Status” message.  Click Yes here.

4)       Now enter the Production Status password “STATUS” in all uppercase letters. Click OK.

5)       Now the asmnt shows “Accepted” Status.

6)       Select the Production radio button at the bottom and you will see that the asmnt has moved.


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