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Synergy Interface of Assessments

Problem: The SynergyInterface sends all open assessments as well as validated, only validated assessments need to be transmitted to Synergy from Oasis Gold. OR the SynergyInterface sends only Validated Assessments, all open or validated assessments should be sent to Synergy from Oasis Gold.

Solution: To change Interface to transmitting only validated assessments or to transmitting all open or validated assessments, go to the HHA.Ini file. To open the HHA.INI file double click on "My Computer" and go to the GRS drive or right click on the Start button and "Explore" to the GRS Drive. Open the SQL Gold folder and go to the HHA.INI file, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

To limit the interface to send only Validated assessments type:



To allow the Interface to send all assessments open or validated type:



If any further assistance is needed please open a Helpdesk Ticket and a support memeber will contact you!!

Keywords: Synergy Interface, Transmitting Assessments to Synergy, Oasis transferring to Synergy
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