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lock_date error


In OasisGold an assessment has a lock date that is before the SOC date and the M0090 date and cannot be changed.


The only solution is to log into Winsql.exe and create a script to manaully correct the lock_date for that assessment record.

The script used in Winsql.exe is as follows:

use grule2

select oasis_link, M0040fname, M0100, M0090 from oasisb where M0040lname = ' last name goes here'

(run the script and then copy the oasis_link that is found for that record and then use the following script)

update oasisb set lock_date = ' the date you want here' where oasis_link = ' paste oasis_link here'

(place the date you want in the script and paste the oasis_link in also and then run the script. one row should be affected)

exit winsql and check assessment in OasisGold for correct lock date.

If futher assitance is needed, please log a new HelpDesk ticket or call Golden Rule Software Support.

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