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Inactivation assessments in Care Portal

Question: How do I send an inactivation and correction assessment?


Step 1: Create assessment and validate.

Step 2: Create batch and export.

Step 3: Transmit batch to the State.

Step 4: Click INACTIVATE checkbox (admin, Oasis Batch, inactivate/reactivate).

Step 5. Create batch and export.

Step 6: Transmit Batch to State.

Step 7: Click REACTIVATE checkbox (admin, Oasis Batch, Inactivate/Reactivate).

Step 8: Make edits/corrections in clinical and validate.

Step 9: Create Oasis Batch and Export.

Step 10: Transmit Batch to the State.

Keywords: CarePortal, Billing, Batches, Inactivation Assessments, Correction Assessments, Assessments, Oasis
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