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Care Portal Physician change on Locked 485

Problem: Physician needs to be changed on a 485 that is locked.


  1. In CLINICAL, select desired patient
  2. Expand PATIENT PROFILE options group
  3. Select CERT PERIODS option
  4. Click on date in START DATE column where 485 is filed
  5. Click on OASIS / POT/ Supplemental Orders (link below cert period grid)
  6. You will see a row that has POT/485 in Print Plan column; click on date in the ASSESSMENT DATE column of the row that contains the 485 needing a physician change
  7. Click the CLINICAL TRACKING link below the grid form
  8. Clear the Mail Date and Signed Date entries, uncheck Complete box and click [Back]
  9. Select PHYSICIANS option
  10. Change primary physician to desired physician with appropriate effective date [or add desired physician as another supplemental physician] then click [Save]
  11. Select OASIS / POT/ Supplemental Orders option
  12. Click EDIT
  13. Select desired physician from entries in drop-down list of (M0072) Primary Referring Physician; then click [Save]
  14. Click POT/485 and PDF document will now show new physician assigned
Keywords: Physician, 485, Care Portal, change Dr, Plan of Care
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