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Care Portal Re-admitting patient to same agency and you want UB-92 FL20 to display 'C'

Question:  How do I re-admit a patient to our agency?

Answer: ADMIN – CLINICAL MAINT – External Contact Type, Be sure that code AG-Agency is assigned to your agency name and that the UB-92 FL20 Link is set to option “C, Readmission to Same Home Health Agency”. CLINICAL – [select appropriate patient record] – Primary Referral, Enter the primary referral source as your agency with referral date/time; enter a supplemental referral source (institution or individual) as well. FINANCIAL – Invoice Processing – PPS billing cycle – Print Claims, Note that UB-92 FL20 Source of Admission shows ‘C’.  FINANCIAL – Invoice Processing – PPS billing cycle – Generate File. Note that X12 ANSI 837 CL1 segment, 2nd data element  shows ‘C’. See attached for screen shots.


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