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Care Portal Billing Steps

Steps for billing:

1.     Review the Service Journal grid in the Analysis & Reporting module – the grid should be filtered by date for the billing period for ‘unconfirmed’, billable patient visits

2.     Update appropriate service journals based on the grid review

3.     Run desired billing cycle / payer combination for billing period

4.     Review ‘Clean Claims’ report, ‘Pended Claims’ report and ‘Required Claims’ or ‘Optional Claims’ output WITHOUT saving the results

5.     Update necessary source data based upon review in Step 4

6.     Run billing cycle with identical selections as in Step 3

7.     Print (or save file to server directory) ‘Clean Claims’ report, ‘Pended Claims’ report, ‘Required Claims’ [if payer output is paper-based] or ‘Optional Claims’ and ‘Generate Electronic File’ [if payer output is electronic]

8.     Save/Exit Invoice Processing

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