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CarePortal - September 2005 Updates

Dear Care Portal Clients,

We at Golden Rule Software, Inc. have update the Care Portal software on your servers and you should now see these new features and corrections. Below you will find a list of the updates that were made. If you do not see the features listed below in you application please notify support at once. ( or (800) 408-5503 x 2).

We also like to take this opportunity to update you on the Support process. In order for us to better serve your support needs in a timely and accountable matter we must have you use our "Online Help Desk" to report problems or questions you have about the software. This allows us to respond quicker and track these issues until their resolve. It also allows us to escalate those issues to our development team, if need be, and have the proper technicians working on the problem.

The "Online Help Desk" also offers you the "Care Portal Knowledgebase" for issues that have been resolved or questions about the use of CarePortal, this will be very useful for you as a user, to logon and get answers to basic questions you might have about CarePortal. The "Knowledgebase" will be updated regularly as new questions and issues become available.

Thank you for continued support in making Golden Rule Software, Inc. and Care Portal the best that it can be.

The following information outlines the features / corrections included in your latest update:


  • created export grid for QuickBooks Excel file input document - it contains: worker name, patient department, resource assignment pay rate amount, resource assignment pay rate basis, number of hours [or number of days] (dependent on rate basis), patient name - the grid should be sorted by worker and within worker, by patient
  • add [go] button to patient primary referral source entry screen to provide access to system table maintenance
  • patient resource assignment screen - change worker, rate amount and rate basis fields to be optional; also, add new fields for shift start time, shift end time, day(s) of week - this item works in conjunction with the following item to filter / find patients having unassigned schedules since worker/rate/basis would be blank but times and days would contain data
  • create AAR grid for patient resource assignment so that they can see patients who are awaiting resources (will be identified by leaving resource assignment worker unfilled)
  • add agency toll free # and fax # at bottom of scheduling calendar
  • update AAR - statistical grid - referral: add patient name
  • update AAR listing grid - patient: add patient status, address (1,2,3) and patient phone - change name format to last, first
  • update workflow - confirm/non-admit workflow grid: sort by patient last name
  • update AAR listing grid - worker listing: add 'designation' as column on grid
  • update AAR clinical - patient census grid: add on-hold reason
  • update financial patient ledger so that adjustment amount is displayed and updates balance due
  • add work phone and fax number to the patient emergency contact screen
  • add 'unknown' checkbox for patient date of birth to the patient demographics screen
  • add "Miscellaneous Notes" memo field to the worker maintenance screen
  • created a worker communication screen similar to the patient communication screen. This worker communication screen is a link in the worker maint screen in Admin - Clinical Maint - Worker [search / select worker]. You can also print (a pdf document will be generated) this information by simply clicking the "Print" link at the top of the Communication screen.



  • resolved error in referral entry due to 365 for default length of cert period
  • resolved error in financial invoice processing [min/max value exceeded error]
  • resolved error in scheduling admin 'view calendar' [server error]
  • resolved reporting issue in AAR financial grids [billing recap detail and billing recap summary] where, under certain conditions, data was not displayed but data was present
  • resolved label display issue in AAR dashboard - patient census: wrap dashboard label on census - 'admission cancelled' as it was incorrectly displaying as 'ion cancelled'
  • referral date value resets to default (current date/time) if, after entering the referral date, user clicks [go] to add a new external contact - this issue has been addressed by placing the referral source name before the referral date
  • display discipline of order/scheduled activity in the calendar, not the primary discipline of the worker
  • enable editable popup box on calendar
  • ensure that surgical procedures print on 485/487 overflow for patients that have more than one surg proc
  • ensure that patients placed on hold display on-hold status
  • increase maximum duration of cert period from 128 days to 32,000 days
  • leading "0" not preserved for State ID #
  • error on Page (New Scheduler)
  • expand Worker Name in Patient Resource Assignment (and across the board)
  • 485 box 21 - orders to not carry forward from 1 plan to another
  • newly entered Visit Notes go directly to Show Deleted Folder
  • the "Disable Edit Record SQL" form definition attribute does not function consistently
  • in Workflow/scheduler grid, scheduled Activities Do Not Display if "Worker Not Assigned"
  • apostrophe causes run-time error when apply filter (AAR) *
  • apostrophe in last name causes Server Error in assessment validation (Clinical) *
  • * (apostrophe fix is pending for Financial and Scheduling modules)

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