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Duplicate Patients

Problem 1:  Duplicate patient in list, both have some data. 
Webex: One of each has an account number indicating that a nurse created the patient. 
Resolution: Discharge the PDA patient, move forward with other.
Problem 2: Duplicate patients in list, both have some data, each has different M0020.  
Webex: One M0020 has been discharged in STAT.
Resolution:  Manually discharge this patient in VA.
Problem 3: Duplicate patients in list, both have some data, one has the account number with a different last name starting it.
Webex: Havent seen one like this before.  Only idea is that someone manually changed the patient demographics on this one.  Seems unlikely.
Resolution: Pick the patient with the least data. Print it out, rekey onto other.  Discharge or elete this patient as they see fit.
Further: After all of this, you must Update/Update Sync the PDAs.
Keywords: Duplicate Patients in GRS software
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