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Meds Wrapping in 485 Report

Problem: My Medications are printing incomplete on the 485 Report. 

Resolution: Configure the Meds length in the HHA.INI file. 

Configuration Steps: 

1) In Windows Exploring, go to C:\GRS\SQLGold

2) Open HHA.INI and in the [Reports] section, add MedLength=55

3) Save HHA.INI

4) Reprint the HHA485 Report and verify the Medications now print correctly.

Note: The default MedLength (if there is no MedLength entry in HHA.INI) is 60.  If the Meds print correctly after adding the MedLength=55, then the process is complete.  If the printing is still incorrect, you will need to reduce the 55 number.  It may take a few tries to settle on the optimal MedLength setting to correct the problem.


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