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CarePortal - October 2005 Updates

Dear Care Portal Clients,

We at Golden Rule Software, Inc. have update the Care Portal software on your servers and you should now see these new features and corrections. Below you will find a list of the updates that were made. If you do not see the features listed below in you application please notify support at once. ( or (800) 408-5503 x 2).

We also like to take this opportunity to update you on the Support process. In order for us to better serve your support needs in a timely and accountable matter we must have you use our "Online Help Desk" to report problems or questions you have about the software. This allows us to respond quicker and track these issues until their resolve. It also allows us to escalate those issues to our development team, if need be, and have the proper technicians working on the problem.

The "Online Help Desk" also offers you the "Care Portal Knowledgebase" for issues that have been resolved or questions about the use of CarePortal, this will be very useful for you as a user, to logon and get answers to basic questions you might have about CarePortal. The "Knowledgebase" will be updated regularly as new questions and issues become available.

Thank you for continued support in making Golden Rule Software, Inc. and Care Portal the best that it can be.

The following information outlines the features / corrections included in your latest update:

Enhancements / Corrections:

- Prevent the date of a new referral from preceding the cert end date of any previous cert period for the same patient.
- Create Clinical Tracking record for updated assessment records, not just new records
- Add "Confirm Service Journal" and worker-incurred costs (mileage) fields to Visit Notes
- Prevent Changing of Assessment Name (caused by checking/unchecking Override RFA Sequence)
- Ensure that physician phone number appears in box 24 of 485 report
- Do not require severity rating for diagnosis "E" codes
- Indicate in worker drop-down in Schedule Maker how many visits each worker is scheduled for in the next 30 days.
- Provide ability to apply edits of one entry to all future scheduled entries of same discipline-frequency/duration
- On hold and Discharged client’s schedules should not show up on the calendar
- Add smoker status, car and D.L. status to worker maintenance UI and AAR worker listing
- Add county to AAR worker listing
- Prevent duplicate scheduled activity entries when creating a new schedule

Scheduling enhancement:

The schedules are based on the 'care week' [sun to sat] -- if you have a patient admitted on Friday, you enter 1Xwk for 1wk and schedule for Fri, then 2Xwk for 2 wks and schedule on Tue & Thurs -- the schedule maker correctly places the Friday visit on today but the second freq/duration does not schedule anything for next week but does for the following week -- this is due to the fact that the first week runs for a week from Friday to Thursday, the second freq 'goes into effect' next Friday and schedules from that point on -- client as asked to have the schedule maker look at agency demographics 'first day of care week' field [will need to create new field and place on AGENCY demographics UI] -- if schedule maker could 'respect' care week.... -- then the above scenario when you scheduled the 1xwk for 1 wk and assigned it to Friday, the system would check the derived effective date of the freq/duration and if not equal to the '1st day of care week' then the system would look backwards to find the date of the first occurrence of the care week first day and then determine how long the freq/duration would run -- that way when you enter an order effective on Friday, the system would make it 'effective' starting last Sunday and it would run thru tomorrow (Sat) and the second freq/duration would go into effect on Sun and follow normal care week and you would have then been able to schedule a visit on next Tues and Thurs

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