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How do we add a new referral source for a marketer?

Question: Is it possible to not only enter the primary referral source, but also to have a place to enter the markerter who did the referral from our company?


1. You will need to: create a new external contact type (possibly 'marketer' or whatever best fits your needs) in ADMIN - Clinical Maint - External Contact Type [be sure to define it as a 'person' contact type]

2. You will need to add the "in house" or marketing in ADMIN - Clinical Maint - Person External Contact as 'marketer' contacts

3. In CLINICAL [search / select patient] Patient Profile - Patient Primary Referral link, you will see a section for Patient Supplemental Referral -- click [new entry] and add marketer or in house referral source as the person assigned to the referral

4. These referrals can be tracked for productivity purposes through ANALYSIS & REPORTING - Statistical - Referral -- click 'filter' tab, select the person's name in NAME field, click [apply filter] -- the grid results will show all referrals assigned to the person -- you can use additional selection criteria on the filter tab as well should you need to limit to a specific date range, etc.

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