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M0825 = NO but patient has more than 10 visits

Q: If the admitting nurse or therapist says there will not be 10 or more therapy visits (answers "no" on M0825), how do we make the adjustment when the patient DOES have more than 10 visits? Do we have to do another OASIS? It is not really a significant change in condition, it is simply that sometimes patients who you anticipate needing 8 visits end up having more than 10 because they do not progress as fast as expected.

A: If the patient truly has NOT experienced a major decline or improvement in health status, then you do not need to conduct another assessment. Your agency may change the answer to M0825 from "no" to "yes", following the OASIS correction policy provided by CMS. You may then cancel the original Request for Anticipated Payment (RAP) and resubmit a RAP reflecting a higher HHRG resulting from the change in M0825.
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