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Automatic "and" Queries
Knowledge base automatically adds AND word between your terms. To search the Knowledge base for: software and bug you can just type.

Note: Knowledge base supports asterisk wildcard search. Searching for "soft" or "soft*" will return also word like "software" or "soften".

" - " Searches
Sometimes you need to search for term that has more than one meaning; cookie can be meal or cookie used in internet programming.
Cookies as meal can be excluded from search by putting "-" sign inform of the word "meal".

Phrase Searches
You can search for complete phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks. Knowledge base will then search for only for the exact phrase in the quotation marks.

"OR" Searches
Knowledge base supports the logical "OR" operator. To retrieve kb articles that contain first, second or both terms type:

Tips for Advanced Search

  • Search in - select in which part of kb article will your search be updated
  • Last updated - restrict search by time limits
  • Results - how many results will be displayed per page
  • Order by - how will search results be ordered