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Signatures not syncing from Tungsten E


When visit notes or assessments are entered on a Palm Tungsten E the accompanying signatures don’t sync to the PC.



The signatures on the device are synchronized from the palm using a program called Inkview.  Because of the nature of the Hotsync application, Inkview requires a program with a Creator ID of “CALC” to function.  Up until recently the program “Calculator” was included in the basic functionality of the Palm out of the box.  With the Tungsten E’s, however, “Calculator” comes not in the static memory of the device, but on the installation CD-ROM.  During the first sync of the setup the Calculator gets installed on the first Tungsten to sync.  Additional devices may never receive the calculator.  Also if the device is hard-reset the calculator will not automatically sync back to the device.



The Calculator utility can be manually installed to each device, by following the instructions in this palm knowledge base article.


Also, as of 205.10 a “dummy” program is sent to the palm with a creator ID of “CALC”.  Upon the next sync the signatures should come over.


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